• It's not about what you say.

    It's about how you say it.

    Implement a content strategy that delivers more traffic to your website.

  • Engage. Be Found. Grow.

    Quality content and emails are effective ways to increase traffic to your website.

    Utilizing your established market position my content services improve and polish what you need to say to your customers and leads them directly into your sales funnel.

  • Services

    I create the copy. I manage a team of writers for the content.


    Be heard through all the noise.

    Align your messaging across platforms and improve customer engagement within 3 months. Message alignment and copywriting are the keys to establishing your brand as a relevant influencer in your market and niche.


    Improve conversions in 3 months.

    For the past 4 years I've harnessed the power of advertisement in emails. I study your products, analyze how your customers use your eCommerce store, and use your email list to increase sales, gain customer loyalty, and build your brand. Ask me for proof.


    Small team with 

    big impact.

    Content should be optimized, strong, and useful. Gone are the days of writing blogs and getting no results. My team of writers and I provide content that gets you served up in search results.

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  • Does Blogging Really Matter?

    Publishing quality content attracts more visitors and prospective leads.

    Here's what the experts have discovered.

    Hubspot Study

    Publishing more blogs generates more leads.

    • Hubspot calculates that companies publishing 20 or more blogs per month receive more web traffic and capture more leads.
    • Websites with more than 400 indexed pages generate the same kind of traffic and leads as PPC. 

    Curata's Report

    Regular and quality content delivers results.

    • Long-form blogs or blogs featuring more than 1,000 words generate 9x more leads than short-form blog posts (blogs only 500 words).
  • Content vs. Copy

    What is the real difference? Do you need both? Yes. Balancing content and copy is key to success in a digital era.


    Soft sell your products or service.

    Quality content is written to equip your website visitors and prospective customers with information. This information must be educational, insightful, and relevant. It is developed and planned based on how your visitors interact with your brand. Content is often found in your blog. It also plays a key role in how search engines index or categorize your website.


    Inspire action and engagement.

    Copy is written to trigger emotion, answer a need, and close the deal. Quality copy inspires action and engages readers. If your readers are not buying - you need to update your copy. What you are reading right now is copy. Copy is carefully crafted based on industry trends, your sales funnel, and your goals.

  • Affordable Inbound Marketing Solutions

    From content development to email marketing, my inbound marketing solutions are effective and affordable. I make it simple. Tell me your goals and I'll develop an inbound marketing campaign to achieve them.

  • How can I help?

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    or contact me directly.

    (704) 352-2236


  • My professional and personal brief

    For more than 13 years I've developed content that engages and effectively moves customers into sales funnel.

    I paint with words.

    Former backyard chicken owner, lipstick and earring addict, and candy maker.

    Creating copy and content is my work. Results and traction are my passions. I enjoy everything creative and different yet embrace the merging of old time customer service with modern innovation.


    Benefit from my ability to establish and introduce your products or services to audiences effectively through data analysis, niche trends, and market research.


    I look at what is working for you and what is not and provide valuable feedback on how to improve conversions and clicks through effective content and messaging strategies.


    "Vanaye was extremely easy to work with and did an amazing job on the marketing for my new business. She was able to quickly understand my market, and provide clear guidance. Not only that, she went above and beyond and provide helpful guidance beyond just marketing. She is a great communicator and I look forward to working with here again very soon."




    "I had a wonderful experience with Vanaye. She was very flexible (and patient!) when my own schedule become chaotic. Her work is top-notch and she is clearly knowledgeable. 5 stars all the way. Great skills, great quality of work, good availability, no issues with deadlines, great communication, and an ability to work with a customer. I would have no hesitation to refer her to others."


    "Vanaye was a pleasure to work with. She is very driven and passionate about her work and will strive to deliver her best for you. I would recommend using Vanaye's services and will definitely be using them again."


    "Vanaye is the best freelancer I have worked with on oDesk. She is efficient and will tell you what she thinks honestly. She really knows her stuff and will help you go ahead in your project. Highly recommend."

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