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The Case for Building Your Own Store

As you begin to build your own store there is one important factor to remember - the market perpetually changes. In less than a decade, consumers have challenged brands to go above and beyond traditional advertising to earn their buy. Brands no longer rely simply on televised commercials or strategic product placement. Today, reaching consumers takes creative know-how, and an understanding of how powerful the “information superhighway” has become.

The Internet is the realized vision of a collective group of pioneering scientists, engineers, and programmers. The concept emerged in the 1920s. However, the first practical schematics for the Internet arrived in the 1960s, and was primarily used by the United States Department of Defense. By the year 2000, 7 percent of the world’s population had harnessed its power. Jump ahead to 2016, and 46 percent of the world’s population is online. Nearly half of the world has embraced what the Internet has to offer and the numbers continue to grow.

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