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6 Real World Reasons to Use Shopify for Your Ecommerce Store

These are simple solutions that are not necessarily unique to Shopify, but that the platform excels at providing. These solutions give ecommerce business owners information and solutions to common challenges that they may face. In the real world, launching an ecommerce store is not easy or for the faint hearted. Being properly prepared for the endeavor begins with choosing a platform that is designed to work for you.

Choosing a platform to host your ecommerce business takes planning, research, and hands-on testing. There are dozens upon dozens of effective online store service providers. However, in our experience Shopify settles nicely near the top.

Aside from offering a variety of services and flexible pricing options, Shopify does a good job of keeping things simple. The platform is easy to navigate and integrates easily with many supporting ecommerce solutions. Integration is important because as your business grows it gives your online store legs to be more user friendly, uniquely branded, and agile.

In this article we touch on 6 real world reasons to use Shopify for your ecommerce store.

Shopify Resources and Community

As a new ecommerce store you will be bombarded with a host of information that is irrelevant or confusing. Therefore, the importance of a support team and engaged community is essential.

Shopify offers a solid community of store owners and experts well versed in the platform. Within the community you are easily able to learn how to customize a template or set up abandoned cart emails. Most topics are covered in depth via the platforms resources as well.

The resources are not simply blogs and time consuming tutorials. Resources are diverse and interesting. Listen to a podcasts on how to position your products or watch a video series on how to create a successful pop-up shop.

The most relevant real world reason to choose Shopify is its forum, the Ecommerce University. Within the university you meet fellow platform users and experts willing to offer insights, tips, and tricks on how to make the platform work for you.

In your moments of doubt, the blog shares success stories and interesting topics to help you keep momentum.

As we developed and built The Kewl Shop we relied on the Shopify community for information that is not readily found via a simple search.

We asked questions, watched tutorials, browsed other Shopify stores, and learned organically with only a few clicks.

Branding Made Easy

Most ecommerce store platforms offer you the ability to customize your store with images, layouts, and cart options. Shopify tends to offer you a bit more. Hire a website developer and you are easily able to customize your store down to font size, button shapes, and checkout experiences.

One of the most interesting features that the platform offers is “test mode”. Within test mode you are able to explore changes to your store without going live. This protects your brand and your store’s integrity. It allows you to explore which designs you like most and only go live when you are sure they are functional and user friendly.

Other interesting ways that the platform makes branding your store simple and straightforward is its organic ability to add text to your store. Text is to search engines as beats are to your heart. Search engines read text and HTML code, however, most ecommerce businesses offer products and thus limits the amount of relevant text on a page.

Shopify addresses that with natural and relevant areas for text throughout your store. Add text effortlessly with a blog, collection descriptions, product descriptions, and dedicated landing pages.

Text strengthens your messaging and communicates your brand’s message to your visitors. Between strategic design and text your branding efforts are simple and effortless.

Customer Management and Reporting

Customer management is the most important part of building a profitable online store. Managing customers takes more than simply selling them products. Most ecommerce providers offer some sort of product tracking, however, Shopify keeps things easy to navigate and explore.

You need to understand which products are selling, which are not, and how to re-engage customers that leave your store without making a purchase.

Shopify excels are simplifying the way you understand your customers and interpret their activity in your store. These features are built into the platform and track customer activities without the need for additional costly add-ons. This functionality saves you money and removes any guesswork.

It also integrates well with customer management software add-ons such as form builders or email marketing softwares.

Integrations keep your customers organized. Organized customers are easier to segment for more effective email marketing campaigns and other sells efforts.

Managing and understanding your customer's takes time to master and never truly stops. As we have grown at The Kewl Shop we have learned the value of accurate customer insights. Every 2 weeks we are given information that tells us which blogs are converting the best for us, a breakdown of our top selling products, and how new products are performing.

This information is not only valuable to ecommerce businesses, but removes guesswork. Each change or update we make is supported by past performance rather than simply going with our “gut”.

In the real world understanding your customers saves you money and reduces wasted resources.

Agile and Flexible Ecommerce Store Option

There are thousands of ways to sell beyond simply an ecommerce store accessed via a web browser and a computer. Shopify continues to evolve and innovate according to consumer demand and technology innovation.

Most ecommerce service providers ensures your online store is mobile friendly. However, not many offer the flexibility of opting to not host an entire store that is only accessible via a web browser.

With Shopify you are provided with many ways to sell. The platform accommodates gateway solutions for those who are looking to explore ecommerce, but are not ready to take the full plunge: These include:

Flexible and agile solutions is the foundation of any good ecommerce store. Shopify employs entire teams that continuously work on the platform. Whether fixing glitches, handling support tickets, or introducing new features, the platform does a good job of helping you keep up with ecommerce technology demands.

Keeping up with the consumer demands of technology requires keeping a finger on the pulse of the tech world. Staying in the loop on all things tech is not always easy for startups. Shopify handles all of that and continues to innovate and update functionality and features to help you remain competitive.

24/7 Support and Customer Service
Many companies do not offer free customer support unless you are a premium ecommerce store. However, Shopify gives you access to their support teams no matter which ecommerce package you choose.

In the real world, sometimes asking the community or searching online does not answer the questions you have. As you launch your ecommerce store there are various activities and tasks that need to be completed. Hunting for answers to your questions is a waste of valuable time.

With 24/7 support your are able to get answers you need, when you need them. Every interaction we have had with Shopify’s support teams have been effective, useful, and most importantly efficient.

The support teams offer a help center for basic questions about the platform and other ways to connect. These ways include by phone, email, or live chat.

The platform is very conscious of how valuable your time is and provides estimated wait or response times to help you determine which support type fits your needs and time constraints.

Shopify Provides Real World Solutions for Newbies

We realize that your options are endless when it comes to launching your ecommerce store. However, Shopify offers your solutions that matter for ecommerce startups looking to launch quickly and affordably. The platform offers various pricing packages and ways to sell.

It hosts relevant and engaging guides, podcasts, and resources to help you learn how to build your store effectively. You get a huge community of Shopify store owners that want to help you build a profitable store.

Shopify is easy to brand and navigate. Most importantly it makes customer management straightforward and sensible for those of us less tech oriented.

Consider these real world solutions as you research the best platform to host your ecommerce store. If you still are not sure, contact me and let’s talk it through together.

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